Pei Pei Chen

Machine Learning Engineer Lead, Yokozuna Data

Peipei is machine learning engineer lead of Yokozuna Data. She is an expert in deep learning techniques and machine learning applied to sequential analysis. She has 5+ years of experience in game- and music-related data science research and has 8 peer-reviewed papers published. She holds an MSc in Computer Science from the National Taiwan University.

With experience as a data science researcher and strong computer science background, she focuses on building robust machine learning models into a scalable big data infrastructure. Her domains of expertise involve also backend development such as Cassandra databases, Spark and cloud parallel computing with Kubernetes and Docker.

Sessions by Pei Pei Chen

What can AI and big data do for video games?

Day 1 - 13:30 - 14:30
Language: Mandarin/Chinese

Always-online video games are rapidly transforming the video game industry. They entail complex and interesting problems, and the actions performed by their players generate extremely rich datasets that constitute an ideal playground to understand human behavior. Data-driven game development has extraordinary potential both to provide players with an optimized game experience and to increase user engagement.

Machine learning methods can be used to predict individual player behavior, revealing information such as the moment and game level at which a certain player will leave the game, or when she will make her next purchase and which virtual item she is likely to select. This allows developers to take preventive actions aimed at maximizing player lifetime.

I will review the main artificial intelligence techniques that will revolutionize the video game industry, focusing on deep learning methods that are crucial to provide a customized player experience through personalized game events, marketing campaigns, and in-game item/action recommendations. Then, I will discuss how these methods can make predictions in an operational environment, thanks to their ability to deal with really big datasets (petabytes of data) and easily adapt to different kinds of games and players.

This is an entry level talk about Game Data Science.


- See how Machine Learning can predict when players will leave the game, how much they will spend, and which items they will purchase next. 

- Learn how operational predictions and analytics can help game development and operation.