Jacky Ke Jiang

Art Director, Sky: Light Awaits

An alumni of both Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where he received his BFA degree in animation; and the California Institute of the Arts, where he received his Masters of Fine Art in the Experimental Animation program. 

His industry work includes being a digital sculptor for the Walt Disney Animation Studio, on Oscar winning animations like Paperman and Frozen; and as a 3D artist for Cartoon Network’s Popular Show and Adventure Time. As well as illustration, animation, and art direction on Sky: Light Awaits -- the newest game from the award winning thatgamecompany, known best for their game Journey. 

Jacky views video games as a distinct and powerful art form with the capacity to engage its audience like no other medium.

Sessions by Jacky Ke Jiang

The Visual Arts of Journey and Sky

Day 1 - 11:00 - 12:00
Language: Mandarin/Chinese

Have you played a game called Journey? Would you like to know how a group of passionate creators transforming vision into reality through unique visual art? Behind its simple yet sophisticated interactive control, our team created a way to tell story with no words but with only iconic visual images, impactful music and sounds. With this knowledge and years of trial and error, we were able to deliver a strong impactful emotional experience. 

Are you ready for our next epic adventure? I am here to answer your questions. We will have a close look examining what worked and what did not. And a peek at our upcoming game: Sky.

Audience will getting some insider opinion on video game production workflow. How a small indie studio creating a unique artistic interactive experience for its player. It is intended for audience whom has some basic knowledge in visual art, video game design. No computer programing language studies are required for this Session.