Nicolae Berbece

Founder, Those Awesome Guys

Nicolae Berbece is an indie game developer from VampireLand (Romania) and the designer of Move or Die, the friendship ruining party game. He founded his own company "Those Awesome Guys", where he teams up with developers from all over the world in order to create experimental & highly polished games. His company is now an indie publishing one as well, helping out other developers with their marketing endeavors. “Monster Prom” being their first victim.

Sessions by Nicolae Berbece

You Can't Spell "Marketing" Without "Design"

Day 2 - 16:30 - 17:30
Language: English (simultaneously interpreted into Mandarin/Chinese)

Most developers think of marketing as an entity completely separated from development, however I believe that you can have the idea of marketing in the back of your mind as you develop your game, as well as make design decisions that will lead to a better chance of your game standing out in the never-ending wave of games released constantly. From in-game GIF recording systems to horse genitalia shrinking in cold weathers acting as a great marketing tool, this talk will go through several examples of “Designing with Marketing in Mind!”

Intended Audience: Independent developers (studios & individuals)

The takeaway will be the knowledge of applying marketing structures and ideas deep inside the game’s core design, and using that as a more effective and efficient way of getting your game out there without relying on “traditional marketing” tactics that require big budgets.