David Martinez

Co-founder, Raw Fury

Twitter says David Martinez is: 

  • “Witty, Happy, Athletic, Telepathic, Talkative, Horticulturist, Everyman, Famous, Underappreciated, Koolaid” 
  • “That publisher guy who wears really cool hats.” 
  • “Delightful human being. Prettier than his children. A+ drinking buddy.” 
  • “Multiple-time Dance Dance Revolution champion and San Francisco Giants fan from a small California farm town.”

(He is also a founding member of Raw Fury, a rad indie game publisher).

Sessions by David Martinez

Why pitching to publishers sucks (let's try to change that)

Day 1 - 16:30 - 17:30
Language: English (simultaneously interpreted into Mandarin/Chinese)

You've been working hard at creating something from an idea that's been in your head for a while, a combination of blood, sweat, tears, and lots of coffee have fueled the development of your new project. Now you want to find a partner to help get your project out to the world so you're considering finding a publisher. Just the thought of this seems daunting and terrifying. Let's help prepare you!

This presentation is designed to offer game developers a transparent look at the inner workings of an indie publisher in regards to signing games, what developers could reasonably expect from publishers (and what publishers expect from developers), and how developers can best prepare themselves and their projects to make them as attractive as possible.

Fireside Chat with Indie Publishers (Panel)

Day 2 - 13:30 - 14:30
Language: English (consecutively interpreted into Mandarin/Chinese)

The change from 7 or 8 years ago, from a time when there were virtually no indie game publishers within Taiwanese developers' reach, to nowadays the business in the community seems to be very active, is pretty noticable. Nonetheless, for the people who are just considering jump into indie dev, or for the devs that are making their 1st or 2nd game, the information gap is still there. Different regions, platforms, genres, even game themes warrents differences in their publishing situations; moreover, the strategies and strengths also differ from publisher to publisher. 

We will be discussing these topics from different indie publishers' point of views: the impact of new platforms and opportunities on the market; the currently available promotional avenues for developers, and how to work with publishers on these fronts; what do the publishers think about the indie scene in the near future? ...and more. 

This panel features David Martinez from Raw Fury and Iain Garner from Another Indie, and will be moderated by Jung-Sheng Lin. If you are interested in indie publishing and the prospects of indie scene, then this is the session for you. Most importantly -- bring your own questions!