Jason Rohrer

Independent Game Developer

Since 2004, I have designed, programmed, and released 19 games: Transcend, Cultivation, Passage, Gravitation, Perfectionism, Idealism, Police Brutality, Immortality, Regret, i45hg, Crude Oil, Between, Primrose, Sleep Is Death, Inside a Star-filled Sky, and Diamond Trust of London, The Castle Doctrine, Cordial Minuet, and One Hour One Life.

Sessions by Jason Rohrer

Observations from the edge of design

Day 2 - 15:00 - 16:00
Language: English (simultaneously interpreted into Mandarin/Chinese)

With an 18-game career behind me, as I'm five years into work on my 19th game, what am I thinking about right now? This talk will cover the history of video game design, how we got to where we are right now, and where I think we should be going. What are the major problems that we still need to solve? How should the next generation of creators approach their careers in this medium? 

This talk will unveil a brand new, dynamic, non-linear talk format, using custom-coded software for the slide presentation, providing a look into the mind of a veteran independent game designer.